Within the framework of the working visit of Deputy Minister Arystan Kabikenov, with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Switzerland, a meeting took place in Geneva on February 27 with the Director of Investment and Enterprise at the UNCTAD James Zhan.

The meeting covered issues of technical and consulting support to Kazakhstan from UNCTAD on the development of a model investment agreement, the possibility of holding training seminars on investment agreements and the implementation of the National Investment Strategy.

The Division on Investment and Enterprise of UNCTAD specializes in the support and promotion of international investments, and also serves as the coordination center on investment issues in the UN, it has 40 years of experience in international research and analysis of policy on investment and enterprise development, facilitates the establishment of intergovernmental consensus and provides technical assistance to more than 160 countries.

Also, the division provides technical assistance, at the request of the state, in the following areas:

1) Capacity building in the development and implementation of investment strategies, policies and regulations.

Examples of technical assistance provided by the Division:

- Consulting support in the development of investment attraction strategies for Serbia, Moldova and Honduras;

- Advising Haiti and the Dominican Republic on the expansion of industrial zones, Jamaica - on special economic zones that promote investment in the renewable energy sector;

- Consulting support of India and Kenya on the promotion of economically sound investment projects in the field of solar energy.

2) Issues related to institutional arrangements and effective governance for attracting foreign investment and preserving investments, in particular, assistance to investment promotion agencies. Surveys of investment promotion agencies, which contain information on best practices in the activities of investment attraction agencies.

Examples of technical assistance implemented by the Division:

- Consulting and training activities held for Zambia's Investment Promotion Agency to improve customer service, as well as the development of a client contract for this Agency;

- The publication of an investor’s Guide for Silk Road region.

3) Monitoring of international investment agreements (IIAs), development of guides for negotiating IIAs, and provision of expert advice on key issues of IIAs.

4) Organization of professional training and capacity building classes on IIAs at the regional and national levels.


Published: 28 February 2018


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